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Radiator Paint | 1 Litre

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RADIATIOR PAINT – for std domestic radiators (not steam or storage radiators).

For full details and technical specifications, please download the Data Sheet for this product:

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This paint has made my radiators look new again. Very happy with it and I especially recommend it as it has no odour, and therefore you don't breathe in nasty toxins when using it like you do with other paints.
Great paint, looks fab, so nice to use and no nasty odour!!
My friend said not to bother buying this paint because of the price and just clean my over 30 year old radiators. I cleaned them and although better, they still looked like eyesores, with marks that wouldn't come off and rusty bits. I decided to get the paint.
I am so pleased I did. They look fantastic and better than when they were new. I chose Goshawk as the colour and my friend made me some shelves to go above the radiators which I painted the same colour as the room colour. It is quite staggering the difference it has made. The radiators have gone from ugly items on the wall to centrepieces.
The paint also goes a long way. I still have over half a tin left and I painted four large radiators. It was easy to apply and needed two coats and had no smell.
Great product, good finish and no awful smell - very expensive though
Great paint. No runs. Easy to use.
I bought some soothy white radiator paint, it is lovely. it smelled a little bit when they put the heating back on the first time but it passed very quickly.
This paint needs to get used to, it appears thinner and almost "watery" at first. It feels different from what is "usual", but indeed has no smell at all and - most importantly - it is non-toxic. Two coats have given smooth coverage. The colour is true to what is pictured, and offered palette is impressive. It is also pleasant, slightly textured to touch when it dries. If manufacturer will be offering it at lower price - paint of the future, for sure. Would definitely recommend and will use again.
my wife suffers from a lung problem therefore we have to use a paint with very low fumes.
i have been using lakeland for years as there is almost no smell of paint fumes.
this is the first time that i have used the radiator paint and i have to say that it was very impressive, covers brilliantly and low fumes.
i would recommend lakeland paint especially for people with lung/copd issues
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