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Eco Friendly Wood Glue

Wood Glue – Perfect For Wood & Other Surfaces

Our wood glue is an eco-friendly product that is perfect for use indoors for a seamless and reliable finish. Whilst it is primarily a wood glue, it can also be used on cork tiles, ply, chipboard, concrete, card and paper – but will not work on oily surfaces. Quick to set and free from formaldehyde, our wood glue is an organically produced product that provides great results.

Wood Glue – Natural, Free From Odour, Solvents & VOCs

We pride ourselves on producing not only extremely high-grade wood glue, but also glue that is safe to use. That's why all of our products are independently tested by a third party to ensure that the total solvent and VOC content is 0.000%. This ensures that no matter where it is used, it won't give make you feel nauseas as it is applied or dries.