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Exterior Woodstain Varnish

External Wood Varnish - Stain

Our coloured external wood stain varnish is available in five different colours – from light wood varnish to dark wood varnish. With a sheen level of 39%, this external wood varnish only requires two to three coats and is guaranteed to last through the worst the British weather can throw at it. While this external wood stain varnish is perfect for doors, window frames and general joinery, it is not suited to teak, cedar or similar oily woods or decking.

External Wood stain Varnish That Is Free From VOCs & Solvents

One of the biggest worries when using wood varnish is that the fumes it exudes can often cause headaches. Luckily with Lakeland's external wood stain varnish, this isn't an issue as it is completely free from VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and solvents. That means it's safe to use around the family, and does not require ventilation during application or when drying.