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Wood Varnish | Satin/Gloss/Matt

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If you have beautiful wooden surfaces in your home, covering them with paint can often feel like a crime. Luckily, you can always sand them before adding a clear wood varnish to emphasise their wonderful aesthetics. Our water based clear varnish is perfect for use on wooden surfaces, including floors, cork and plywood with a coverage area of up to 60m2 per 5 litre/per coat.

Not only is the final finish stunning, but our clear wood based varnish is completely non-toxic and free from VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and solvents – the first of its kind in the world - so you don't have to worry about dealing with nausea or headaches as dries. This varnish is also extremely easy to wipe and keep clean and is available in either satin, gloss or matt.

For full details and technical specifications, please download the Data Sheet for this product:

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Was very happy, very similar to other varnishes I have used, but without any of the VOCs or odours. Will keep using for future projects.
Good coverage on newly stripped and sanded door. Very pleased with the result on the original doors in 19th Century house.
Good to use a product that also respects the environment.
This was my first experience of a zero emissions product and, to be honest after using a gloss paint from another manufacturer with disappointing results, didn't know write what to expect.
The first opening the can was a surprise...had I been sent the wrong product; could it be right that it looked just like milk? When stirred, it was very watery...both characteristics so very different to the 'regular' vanishes I've used in the past.
However, I pressed on and, once I'd got used to applying the watery product, found it was very easy to use.
I'm pleased to report that the end result is superb and most importantly there was virtually no smell.
I have just got around to using this wonderful varnish, a job I put off because using an ordinary varnish is such a pain, not only from the smell but also the drying time. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE REVELATION!!!!! It’s BRILLIANT!!!!!! There is no smell at all, I put it on the kitchen worktop at 8.45 pm and it seemed to be totally dry by 11.45pm although I did leave it overnight. I used the satin which has a very slight sheen which I like. I will recommend it to anyone who asks and my advice is - don’t hesitate further - just get it.
This varnish has virtually no odour and hardly changes the colour of the wood. I found it a bit difficult to apply as I am used to laying off paint and you can't do it with this product so have to develop a new technique. However, the end result is very good and very shiny- a friend remarked on this and liked the look very much.
I ordered this varnish recently . This is 1 of the best purchases I have ever made. Not only is this paint good for the planet with no voc or odour it is good for me not having to inhale any nasties and it is lovely to work with and the finish is excellent.The service from this company is excellent and would recommend to everyone. A big thank you to Adrian who advised me as this was a first time using Lakeland Paints and certainly won't be the last
Many Thanks

Great to work with
Great product, easy to work with and clean, no odours which was great for the size of floor I had to varnish. Dries fast and goes a lot further than I anticipated. Now floor is dry (after 4 coats) has a great seal and durability.
No doubt there are much cheaper varnishes out there, but this is definitely worth the investment as a product and for the environment.
Next day delivery. The varnish is great. Very easy to apply, tha finish is good and the bushes wash out so easily in plain water. What's not to like!!!!
An excellent product
just completed the skirting boards in our new kitchen diner, all varnished with Lakeland Paints varnish
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