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Woodwash Breathable

Wood Wash Paint – An Elegant Finish That Is Natural, Eco-Friendly & Organic

Wood wash paint is known to produce a finish that allows the grain of the wood to be visible while also adding a soft shade of white. The finish can be sealed if necessary with a clear varnish, and just like every other paint in our range, our whitewash paint for wood is extremely environmentally friendly and organically produced.

Whitewash – 100% Free From VOCs, Solvents & Odour

Applying wood wash paint is a great idea to produce a light and airy feel in many rooms, but those who use paints such as these often find themselves feeling ill from the solvent fumes that spread around the house as it dries. With Lakeland Paints, however, there is no such issue. Our entire range is independently tested to prove that it is completely free from volatile organic compounds and solvents, meaning that you can carry on with your normal life as it sets.