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Filler Sealer

Multi Purpose Filler Sealer For Absorbent Surfaces – Natural, 100% Eco-Friendly

If you have an absorbent surface that you wish to paint, it will always need sealing prior to primer being applied. This means that the material will not absorb the final coats and cause an uneven finish. This multi purpose filler sealer can be used on multiple types of material and can be painted over using any finish desired including both gloss, matt, and many more.

Lakeland Multi Purpose Filler Sealer – Free From Solvents & VOCs

Unlike our competitors, we are the only supplier in the world to offer a full range of paints and paint-related products that are completely free from solvents and volatile organic compounds – including our multi purpose filler – and this is verified by a third party independent testing facility. This means that none of our paint products are capable of producing the solvent-based fumes that often make people feel ill while they decorating or waiting for a coat to dry. With Lakeland multi purpose filler sealer, you can carry on as normal.

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