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MDF Passivator Breathable

MDF Primer Paint – Natural, Breathable, Eco-Friendly & Organic

Our MDF primer paint can be used on multiple surfaces including MDF chipboard and plywood. Due to the porous nature of the material, a primer is necessary to seal the MDF and provide a uniform surface onto which paint can be applied as well as preventing the overcoat of paint from soaking in. We are especially proud of our MDF primer paint as not only is it extremely effective, but it is also good for the environment, and completely organic. Not only this it absorbs upto 98% of the formaldehyde fumes from the MDF or plywood – which is unique worldwide.

Lakeland MDF Primer Paint – Odour Free, Solvent Free & VOC Free

The greatest issue that decorators and DIY enthusiasts encounter when applying MDF primer paint is that the fumes given off while drying can often cause headaches and nausea. With Lakeland Paints however, our entire range is independently tested to ensure that they are both 100% solvent and VOC free. This means that you can go about your life as normal, without needing to worry about any negative health effects.