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Eco Friendly Floor Paint

Wooden Floor Paint – Solvent Free, Natural & The Perfect Finish For Your Floors

As many people are probably aware, floor paint needs to be much more resilient that many other paints to withstand the daily wear and tear that comes with being walked on. Our wooden floor paint can be used not only on wooden floors, but also on concrete, lino, linoleum, marmoleum and almost all types of vinyl flooring.

Lakeland Wooden Floor Paint – An Eco-Friendly, Organic Paint Free of VOCs

While painting floors can feel a little tedious at times, with all competitor brands it is likely that you may begin to feel ill after a while due to the fumes arising from the solvents in the paint itself. Our wood floor paint, on the other hand, is tested by a third party facility to ensure that it has absolutely zero solvents or volatile organic compounds as ingredients.