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Deodourising Satin

Microporous Paint – A Natural, Eco-Friendly Organic Deodourising Paint

The air in most houses can be contaminated up to seventy times more than outside air due to the build of various chemical that are released by décor and furniture in your home. Our breathable microporous paint is an odourless paint that is capable of absorbing 98-99% of the volatile organic compounds from the air you breathe 24 hours a day, for up to five years.

Odourless Paint – An Odour Removing Paint That Is Solvent & VOC Free

Designed with special silicate ingredients to increase its deodourising abilities, the paint not only helps to absorb chemical fumes, but also the smell left behind by cigarette smoke. Our entire paint range is not only solvent and VOC free, but is also produced in an environmentally friendly way to ensure that we are doing our bit for the planet.