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Walls & Ceilings

– the obvious choice is to use Matt or Soft Sheen (Silk) – the Soft Sheen is easier to keep clean but many prefer the totally flat finish of Matt paint. Then we have a number of other paints with additional attributes, like the Cover-Up Matt (self explanatory), Carrara Marble Luxury Matt, Distemper, Limewash, Air-Purifying Matt, etc.


Satin-Gloss is the most popular choice, though many still prefer a Gloss finish on wood.

Another option is the eggshell-flat finish of our multi-purpose Fengshui Paint, which is super-easy to apply & suitable for nearly all indoor surfaces including woodwork, MDF, plywood, radiators, melamine etc, as well as Walls & Ceilings too (not worktops).

Kitchens & Bathrooms

- including cupboards - you can use the Fengshui paint on walls, ceilings AND woodwork. For a shinier finish on woodwork use Gloss or Satin-Gloss – with Matt, Soft Sheen or Eggshell on the walls & ceiling – for best washability its the Eggshell paint for walls.

Cleaning paints

= all Matt paints - use a wet soft clean lint-free cloth or sponge & clean water only, using as little pressure as possible. Any other material used apart from water can cause a mark and any hard rubbing can damage the surface on a microscopic scale & be visible once dry.

= Soft Sheen, Eggshell, Fengshui, Gloss, Satin – as above but a little gentle detergent with the water is fine also.