About our company

Our History

After 6 years of product development, Ian West and John Ashworth created the world's first complete range of odourless, solvent free, non-toxic decorative paints.
Launched in 1989, to this day we stay true to our promise. All of our organic paints and varnishes are hand crafted and colour matched at our factory in the Lune Valley, North Lancashire.

Our Products

So Safe that your baby can eat it ! So tough that it shrugs off 6+ yrs of Arizona sunshine ! So special because it contains 3x more pigment than normal ! So pure because it has Zero VOC, Zero Solvent, Zero heavy metals ! Many of our formulas are unique to Lakeland Paints, such as Air Purifying Paint and EMR Shielding Paint. 7000x Purer than standard low VOC paints ! Our colour palette extends to 180 shades and if you have a particular colour in mind we'll be happy to provide you with an equivalent match.


Lakeland Paints will be increasing prices across the board during May 2018. We have absorbed all raw materials, packaging & utilities increases for the past two years but are now at a point where we must act. Some of our basic raw materials prices have increased by 50% over that time frame and several have even doubled, but we can no longer absorb increases on this scale. World shortages are largely to blame, but also the global finance situation - and more particularly Brexit - with its impact on EU exchange rates - from where the bulk of our raw materials originate, causing large price increases over a very short timescale.